What's next?

Gallio/MbUnit v3.2.2 was released some days ago. And we've got many "thank you" for the resolution of this annoying CS1685 issue (thank you Graham for having fixed it).

Now what can you expect from the incoming releases of Gallio? The path to v3.3 is still long, but we plan to release several intermediate point releases with more fixes, more improvements and a lot of new features. In a random order, here is an overview of those future new nifty features:
  • Major performance improvements: We are in the process of replacing the XSLT-based engine which generates the test reports by a brand new and faster system based on Castle NVelocity. We also would like to do no longer rely on that damn slow .NET Remoting for IPC communications and to use the popular Google's Protobuf format instead. Those major changes should bring dramatic performance improvements while running the tests and formatting the test reports.
  • MbUnitCpp: a port of the MbUnit testing framework to the native unmanaged C++ realm; entirely integrated to the Gallio ecosystem. It’s not feature complete yet, but MbUnitCpp is already fully functional and available as part of the daily v3.3 builds. The wiki documentation is also very detailed already; with a comprehensive tutorial.
  • NHamcrest support: Graham Hay did port recently Hamcrest to C#. Assert.That is going to be extended to support that fluent API.
  • PartCover support: A new adapter for this excellent test coverage tool.
  • New assertions, new contract verifiers, and many other little enhancements (see draft release notes for detailed)
Some of those features are in fact fully or partially available in the v3.3 trunk already. Feel free to test them. Feedback and suggestions are always gratefully received.

And of course, we will continue to closely follow the continuous releases of the 3rd party tools that coexist in the Gallio ecosystem and to update the existing test adapters and plugins accordingly.

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