Data-Driven Testing in MbUnit v3

MbUnit was mostly known in the past as the testing framework dedicated to data-driven testing. This is certainly due to the very popular [Row] attribute. But unsurprisingly this statement is still true in version 3 as the support for data-driven testing is still certainly one the most powerful feature of Gallio/MbUnit v3.

But the famous [Row] attribute is not the only way to create data-driven tests. We have written several articles and tutorials in the Gallio Wiki which cover that wide topic. All the pages have not been written yet, but you will find many useful samples and details already. They explain how to use the [Row], [Column] and [Factory] attributes, how to combine them and how to flavor them with tasty parameters. In the next coming weeks, you will read more about external and generative data sources as well.

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