Contributing to Gallio

It is not the first time I have a close look at the source code of an open source project. My hard drive has a dedicated folder where I can find the internals of NHibernate, Paint.NET, Rhino, or Castle. Studying and analyzing good code, and understanding the whys and hows of its internal design, is worth the time you will invest. There is so much to learn from the guru coders who lead those projects.

However, it is the first time I have the desire to contribute significantly to such a project (Other than submitting small patches which fix minor issues). I discovered the Gallio Automation Platform early in its alpha 1 stage. It was an exciting project with tons of innovative concepts; and I have eagerly followed the development phases since that very moment.

When Jeff Brown, the lead developer of Gallio, mentioned in his blog the existence of the contract verifiers, I immediately thought that it was a cool feature that I would like to work on. Two months later and with Jeff's invaluable help, I am in the process of refactoring completely the implementation of the contract verifiers for MbUnit v3, based on Jeff's own road map and ideas. I am more than happy to work on such a great project during my free time.

Expect to learn about contract verifiers later on this blog.

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Jeff Brown said...

Glad you're having fun. :-)