A few preliminary words

As the title of this blog might suggest, the main topic of my future posts will be user interfaces. But despite the fact that I work as a corporate software engineer in a large automotive company, I do not intend to restrict myself to software interfaces. In fact, I would like to speak with you about all the kind of human/machine interfaces, which we, as human beings living in a modern society, have to deal with daily... more or less successfully.

I am going to expose my thoughts about what make interfaces good or bad. I will relate anecdotes inspired from my professional experience, but also from my private life concerning all those funny, stupid, or amazing interfaces which allow (or sometimes prevent) us to interact with the rest of the world. We will also try to have a look at what and who is hidden behind interfaces.

I hope you will enjoy that blog as much as I will enjoy writing it.

See you soon...

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